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  1. The status network has a system that supports the creation of the new Blockchain-based systems. You can create your own decentralized application via the system. These decentralized applications are technically called dApps.
  2. Users can access the Status network via their smartphone. The Status network can take users to the Ethereum system.
  3. The status network is fully open source. Therefore, different users can act as developers and can earn rewards through developer actions. The system offers the Status Coin, SNT, to users as a developer award.
  4. The main purpose of Status is to make the Ethereum system accessible to everyone.
  5. The Status users should also use Status wallets in order to keep their Money safe and spend their Money whenever they want. You can make a research about the most secure Status Wallets.
  6. Do you wonder how to buy Status? You can buy Status from popular cryptocurrency Exchange platforms such as Binance. You can also go Status and make developments to gain Status.
  7. The use of the status system causes the Ethereum to increase in value.


We are going to introducing a new generation of cryptocurrency application that is completely open-source and works decentrally. Status has all the features listed above. Status has features that make it easy to use various dApps and has a user-friendly interface that can be easily used. The Status system can be easily viewed on Android devices and devices using the IOS system. Built through the Ethereum network, Status aims to promote the use of cryptocurrency in everyday life. The symbol of Status coin in the cryptocurrency world is known as SNT. For more detailed answers about What is Status, see the rest of the article.

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